It's been less than a week since BMW dropped the first images of its redesigned 3 Series sedan on us, but already the imaginations are running wild about what the next M3 might look like. Automotive manipulator Theophilus Chin has given us his take on the F30-based M3, and it's about what you might expect.

With enlarged air ducts in the front fascia to feed the intercoolers for a rumored twin-turbo V6 setup, Chin's M3 is more aggressive, but retains the marque's penchant for subtlety. Around the back, Chin's M3 sedan has just a bit of a lip on the decklid and the telling quad exhaust pipes, but is thankfully devoid of boy-racer cues.

With the sixth-generation 3 Series sedan styling serving mostly to clean up the E90's lines, the next M3 will likely be treated similarly when it finally reaches our shores in 2014. While there will be plenty of M3 news to come, if the end product turned out much like these images, we wouldn't be surprised.

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