How to start a car with a dead battery without jumper cables

So, let's say you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery and no way to roll-start your vehicle. What do you do? If you happen to have enough rope, you can conceivably lift the drive axles, wrap the rope around a tire and pull with all of your might with the transmission in gear and the ignition on. The motion should be enough to turn the engine over and start the combustion cycle.

Of course, the vehicle needs to be properly supported or you could wind up with a runaway hulk in a hurry. Fortunately, the participants in the video (after the jump) had their derelict ride well secured before pulling the old rope trick.

We should mention a few safety precautions here. First, make sure you can release the rope as soon as the engine fires, or you'll quickly be introduced to the front fender well. Second, don't waste your effort on an automatic. There isn't a power in the 'verse that can cause a slushbox to turn over its engine. Finally, be warned that it's going to take a significantly larger amount of effort (thanks, compression!) for any vehicle with more than four cylinders. Check out the video to see the trick in action.

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