With U.S. sales of the Nissan Leaf hitting 7,199 units by the end of September, our buds over at The Truth Abut Cars thought it was time to compare year-to-date sales of the electric hatchback to some vehicles with a more conventional powertrain. These aren't direct competitors in any way – and some of the models are seriously due for a refresh – but it does go to show that EVs are making an impact. TTAC discovered that, as September came to a close, the Leaf was outselling these 15 semi-popular vehicles here in the States: Of course, the Nissan Leaf's year-to-date U.S. sales total trumps numerous other vehicles too, including less popular autos like the Honda Civic Hybrid (3,155) and the Lexus HS 250h (2,178). Incidentally, all of the 15 vehicles in the bullet list have outsold the Chevrolet Volt (3,895).

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