AMG Performance Media Telemetry In Action Around Hockenheim

At the heart of every dyed-in-the-wool car nut is someone who loves gadgets. Lately, automakers like Mercedes-Benz have been fueling that symbiotic passion with an array of on-board technology integrations. The SLS AMG Roadster is the latest model to flex its technical muscles with the AMG Performance Media telemetry system. The kit uses the central command display to serve up a variety of information, from G-force load on the vehicle to power data and track times. It's all very cool for the driver who can't ever get enough feedback on his or her own driving. Mercedes-Benz says that the tech will spread to the SLS AMG coupe for 2012. The rest of the AMG line won't be far behind.

Now, as much as we like our toys, we have to say that the only thing we're interested in on the instrument cluster while we're doing a few hard laps is whether or not the engine is going to vomit out its guts before we make it to the pit lane. Anything beyond a quick glance at oil pressure and coolant temp is time we're spending not lining up the next apex. Maybe things are different in a Mercedes-Benz super-car, but we doubt it. Check out this video of the tech in action.

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