Guess Who's Driving A Hello Kitty Smart Car ...

One of the NFL's biggest men squeezes into this adorable car

Cars, much like dogs, are usually reflective of their owners in size, personality and appearance. But San Diego Chargers nose tackle Antonio Garay's convertible Hello Kitty Smart Car seems a bit incongruous.

Such a ride might seem more appropriate for "Millionaire Matchmaker" contestant Robin Kassner, not a 6'4", 320-pound pro football player. And yet here's truth stranger than fiction, as Shutdown Corner reports.

Garay tweeted in enthusiastic approval of the car: "Yo @TakeoSpikes51 I wish I had 4 hands 2 give the Hello Kitty drop top Smart car 4 thumbs UP but 2 will do."

Garay posted photos of the car over three days in September, with no references to it before or after, so we here at AOL Autos assume it was some kind of test drive or media stunt. But it's possible that it's his own car, too. Garay drove it with teammate passenger Cam Thomas (that's over 650 pounds of NFL heft.) It's probably a blessing that Garay has the cabriolet edition so that his gargantuan pals and he can get some open-air head room.

"Not only is this dog cruisin around in a Hello Kitty drop top Im rockn my 3D shades cus its so real," Garay tweeted.

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