Spike TV readying reality show about turning around car dealers

Automotive News is reporting that Spike TV is planning to roll out a new reality TV show that orbits around struggling car dealerships. The premise has the show's two hosts, Tom Stuker and Roe Hubbard, swooping in with just five days to turn lackluster sales into a success story.
So far, the network has eight episodes planned under the tentative title "Car Lot Cowboy." Sure, the world needs another reality TV show like it needs more famine, but we'll reserve judgment until the show airs sometime next year. Still, something tells us this isn't likely to enjoy the same success as the interminable "Survivor" franchise.

Spike TV is an MTV property, and is responsible for such gems as "Deadliest Warrior," "Manswers" and "Repo Games." "Car Lot Cowboy" should fit right in.

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