Ferrari 458 Spider priced from $257,000

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The top's already come off, but we're just now getting to the subject of price. Don't get too excited, most of you can't afford it anyway. We're talking about the Ferrari 458 Spider, and it'll cost you at least $257,000 to put one in your climate-controlled garage. Should you have the means, you can place your order starting in January of 2012.

What do you get when you replace $257,000 from your bank account with the Ferrari 458 Spider? A 4.5-liter V8-powered exotic sports car with a roof that disappears so your ears can get closer to aural nirvana. Sure, the fancy folding top covers up the visuals, but we'd take the soundtrack over the artwork any day. Besides, the body lines on the 458 Spider will keep your eyes busy enough as it is.

Ferrari 458 Italia Information

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