From London to New Delhi in a rickshaw?

A three-wheeled, 175-cc rickshaw hardly seems adequate for the 6,338-mile trip from London to New Delhi, India, but that's precisely the type of vehicle Sanjay Sharma, a 44-year-old IT professional from the UK, choose for his epic journey.

Dubbed the Flying Rani – a black and yellow rickshaw purchased by Sharma in 2008 – the three-wheeler forged up steep hills and over countless potholes with only one minor mishap: a flat tire.

Sharma's journey was attempted, at least in part, to prove that rickshaws are a cheap and reliable alternative to four-wheeled taxis. But the true goal of Sharma's trek was to raise money for cancer patients.

Setting out on July 14, Sharma and two others plotted a course from London to India's capital city of New Delhi. Although Sharma's quest left him with a sore bottom, he expects to raise nearly four million rupees ($81,800 U.S. at the current exchange rate) – and perhaps become the holder of a rickshaw world record. We suspect few others have the time and dedication needed to best Sharma's 6,338-mile trip.

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