Is the Opel RAK e electric concept headed for production?

Soon after unveiling the Opel RAK e concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, General Motors of Europe president Nick Reilly revealed to Autocar that the RAK e is a "very serious concept," adding that Opel is currently investigating production feasibility and believes the two-seat electric could launch with a £9,000 price tag (Around $14,216 U.S. including England's massive Value Added Tax)

The RAK e's lead designer told Autocar that the lightweight concept has been constructed "with production in mind." Meanwhile, Reilly says, "We've got to work on costs and we've got to refine [the RAK e] and do it right."

Autocar claims the RAK e could replace Opel's now-abandoned electric version of the Junior minicar, which was recently scrapped due to "excessively high" costs. While we'd be thrilled to see the RAK e enter the production cycle, there seems to be no indication that it will ever come to the States.

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