India asks director to rewrite illegal James Bond movie scene

Daniel Craig will be returning to the big screen as James Bond in the as-yet-unnamed 23rd film in the series. Production has taken the crew to India, where a scene involving Bond, a motorcycle and a train reportedly has to be rewritten.

Originally, the scene called for Bond to jump a motorcycle onto the roof of a moving train, which was packed with folks riding the rails illegally. India is working hard to stop this practice, and the local government asked the production team to remove the roof riders from the film (don't tell the boys from Slumdog Millionaire...).

The crew has obliged, and passengers will sit safely inside the train while Bond roars over their heads on his bike. Either way, we know for sure that Bond will wind up killing a lot of bad folks and bedding a lot of hot women. We call that a win-win-win situation.

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