2012 Suzuki Swift Sport sure looks like fun... for someone else

Despite the on-again, off-again rumors about its potential voyage to the United States, the Suzuki Swift still remains a tasty piece of forbidden fruit. A shame, too, especially since this new Sport version sounds like it'd be quite the enjoyable steer.

The Swift Sport was first previewed by the S-Concept that debuted back in Geneva, but now packs 134 horsepower and 118 pound-feet of torque routed to the front wheels via a six-speed manual transmission. Those aren't earth-shattering numbers, but in a vehicle this tiny (and lightweight), we imagine it to be pretty engaging from behind the wheel. Think Mazda2, but more powerful.

Other enhancements to the Swift Sport include a stiffer suspension and more aggressive stance, rounded out by a handsome set of 17-inch wheels. All in, we'd gladly throw the Sport around an autocross course or some curvy canyons... if it ever comes to the U.S.

Suzuki Swift Information

Suzuki Swift

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