Man suing Chicago car dealer over harassment, threats and "hanging wedgie"

We've all heard auto dealership horror stories that end with a bad deal on a used car or an elderly relative that got talked into some ridiculous extended warranty. It's sad that bad things can sometimes happen to good people, but those examples likely pale in comparison to what one Chicago-area man says he went through.

WLS radio reports that an unnamed man has filed a $600,000 lawsuit that claims he was brutally harassed by five employees of Grossinger City Autoplex in Chicago. The man, who wasn't identified as a customer or employee at the dealership, was allegedly choked with a phone cord, called a homosexual and threatened with great bodily harm. The accuser also claims he was given a wedgie several times, including one instance where he was given a "hanging wedgie," which means he was hung up off the ground by his underpants.

To make matters worse for the dealership, the man claims that the five employees were all on the clock when the incidents occurred. Of course the dealership and its employees are to be considered innocent until proven guilty, but it seems that such a brutal suit could look awful bad for Grossinger City Autoplex.

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