Will Power fined $30,000 for flipping off Indycar officials in New Hampshire

Never underestimate the power of the middle finger. After a rain-delay restart ordered by IndyCar officials at New Hampshire Motor Speedway resulted in a crash, driver Will Power chose to express his displeasure by giving those officials a taste of universal sign language with both hands. The event happened on August 14, and chief race steward Brian Barnhart eventually issued an apology for the decision to get the competition underway again after calling the race off. Still, that hasn't stopped IndyCar from levying a $30,000 fine against Power for his display, which was caught by television cameras.
Power was given the option to either pay the fine out of pocket or work it off through appearances on behalf of the Izod IndyCar Series. The racer has reportedly chosen to do the latter, noting that $30,000 is a lot of money. We're inclined to agree.

Interestingly, other drivers have come to Power's defense by urging fans to donate one dollar to the Penske team to help offset Power's fine. Power, meanwhile, says that he'll donate any money that comes in to the families of the victims of the Indianapolis fair disaster and the victims of the recent flooding in his native Australia.

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