Jeep Wrangler's body-color roof option taking off

Jeep is expanding the availability of its body-color hard tops on the Wrangler for 2012. The company says that last year, 80 percent of Wrangler Sahara buyers selected the base hard top, while of those, 20 percent went all-in for the body-color option. Next year, Wrangler Rubicon buyers will also be able to get their off-road bruiser dressed to the nines. According to Ward's Auto, the Wrangler recently experienced its best sales month in the history of the model last month, with 14,355 units rolling off of showroom floors.

Roof supplier CSP recently retooled to handle the larger capacity, and as such, the 2012 roof features a few changes compared to those found on the 2011 Wrangler. Those include slightly larger openings at the rear hatch and side glass for more interior light and added finger grips to help with removal. Buyers will also be able to option up their Wranglers with color-matched fender flares for a complete monochrome look. Pretty snappy.

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Jeep Wrangler

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