General Motors electrified vehicle lineup set to expand with A123 deal

2010 Chevrolet New Sail – Click above for high-res image gallery

General Motors' recently inked deal with A123 Systems has led to speculative reports popping up across the media. For example, The Detroit Bureau reports that "well-placed sources" confirm the automaker's intentions to "put at least one battery-electric vehicle into production by 2014." GM's tie up with A123 Systems opens the door, it seems, for a range of future electrified vehicles. GM spokesman Kevin Kelly told The Detroit Bureau:
It is not for the Volt or the next-generation Volt. This is for a different application, but we can't get into what this is for or the timing.
While Kelly sort of declined to comment, "GM sources" revealed the automaker is looking to "expand into a broad range of electrified vehicles," according to The Detroit Bureau. Speculation seems to focus on electric-only variations of current production vehicles, including the Chevrolet Cruze, the Chevy New Sail and the Spark, with at least one entering the production cycle by 2014.

Precisely what's in the works is unclear, though The Detroit Bureau's "well-placed sources" say GM might sell an electric-only vehicle through "multiple brands."

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