Vörsteiner previews GTO-look Ferrari 599-VX

History has a way of putting things into perspective that contemporary developments can't. Take, for example, the Ferrari 599. Over the years, the front-engined V12 supercar spawned many derivatives, but while the GTO and XX track car stood out among the ultimate renditions of the model, the vast majority of those built were the more common GTB Fiorano version. That's where Vörsteiner comes in.

The German aftermarket firm makes a series of body kits and wheel upgrades for a variety of vehicles, particularly Bentleys, Mercedes, Porsches and BMWs. But now Vörsteiner has turned its attention to a Ferrari for the first time.

The result is called the 599-VX, and it imbues the 599 GTB with some of the visual aggression of the 599 GTO and 599XX. The package includes an eight-piece body kit with a new front end, hood, side skirts, rear deck lid, rear intake panel and rear bumper with integrated diffuser, all made of carbon fiber. A set of lightweight wheels forged from aircraft-grade aluminum round out the package that is set to be unveiled shortly.

Lucky for you, the good folks at Vörsteiner, eGarage.com and photographer Albert Roxas gave us this sneak peek at what they have in store. Take a closer look in the high-res image gallery for more.

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