Top Gear team apologizes for row over handicap space

Top Gear got in a spot of trouble recently when presenters James May and Jeremy Clarkson were shown parking their Nissan Leaf in a handicapped space. Getting into a spot of trouble is nothing new for Top Gear, and in fact it seems that the show enjoys jumping in and out of hot water while various groups stand up to voice just how offended they feel.

Rather than thumb their noses in the air, however, this latest bout of controversy has forced producer Andy Wilman to step up and steer blame away from the hosts of his show. According to Perth Now, Wilman claims his production team secured special permission to use the handicapped spots, choosing the spaces in question because they were quiet. Also, Wilman notes that three other handicapped spots remained open and available for use during the shoot. Should the spots have filled up, Wilman maintains that production would've cleared the area to allow for others to use the spots.

Both May and Clarkson reportedly expressed concern over the use of the spots before the shoot. Wilman assured the men that the handicapped logos would not be seen in the footage, but they still made it onto the screen. That's both his and the production team's fault, and Wilman wishes to apologize to anyone who was offended. He also wants to make sure that everyone concerned understands it was not a decision made by Captain Slow or Jezza.

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