Frankfurt Auto Show electric supercar debut foreshadowed by e-miglia entrant

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The sophomore e-miglia is now under way and one of the entrants is a certain faster-than-a-Tesla BMW e30 conversion familiar to AutoblogGreen readers. It is attending the multi-day, 800-kilometer (497-mile) electric vehicle rally from Munich, Germany to Switzerland's St. Moritz to not only to demonstrate its evolved capabilities, but to also spread the word about the new company this project has spawned. Oh, and to hype up the upcoming electric supercar debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Rimac Automobili – named for it's Croatian founder, Mate Rimac – has announced the future unveiling of the "Concept_One" and has released some very provocative details. This new sportscar will feature a proprietary drivetrain, with each wheel getting its own independently controlled liquid-cooled motor and inverter along with an integrated reduction gearbox. The set-up is said to allow for all-wheel torque vectoring that should help it get around corners almost as well as it goes in a straight line.

If everything works out, this should be the quickest and fastest production electric vehicle yet. According to their website, the Concept_One produces an awe-inspiring 1088 horsepower and 3800 Nm (2802 lb feet) of torque. This is enough raw power to push it from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds and keep on accelerating until it hits its electronically-limited top end of 305 km/h (189.5 miles per hour). In keeping with its monster performance, it also comes with a proportionately-sized 92-kWh battery system of the company's own design, which should allow for a record-breaking range as well.

You can follow what Mate and his company are doing on their Facebook page. Hit the jump to learn more about the development and performance of his BMW development platform in a pair of very awesome videos and the official press release.

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Rimac Automobili Racing Through the Alps

Mate Rimac, the founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili, will participate with his well known
„Green Monster", the e-M3, on this year's e-miglia rally. The race will cover a route of
around 800 kilometres between Munich and St. Moritz from the 1st until the 6th of August
The E-miglia is the first international e-rally where many EV producers want to show off their technology.The hardest stretch for the entrants will be the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, reaching an altitude of 2504 metres. This is a great opportunity for Rimac Automobili to test the endurance of their technology. Manuel Atzler, project director of e-miglia, commented on Rimac Automobili: "Most notably is that your e-vehicle is the most powerful car in the starting grid. A country without automobile industry is having the most powerful car in one of the most popular e-mobility events in the world."

The e-M3 is a test mule for battery technologies, battery management, propulsion systems
and latest in-house developments. The reason for all the development and testing lays
behind a secret project – the Concept_One, which will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor

The idea was to create an exceptional supercar with a new propulsion concept. The highperformance powertain is divided into four sub-systems, each consisting of one motor,
inverter and reduction gearbox. Each of those systems drives one wheel, completely
independent from the others. Sophisticated electronics are managing the torque distribution
between the wheels, using the current driver's input, vehicle and road conditionsby
processing the data of many precise sensors placed all over the car. This architecture allows a new approach to vehicle dynamics. We call it - All Wheel Torque Vectoring (AWTV), which is just a part of the new system which makes the Concept_One so unique.

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