Autoblog 5.0 updated with Preferences, Google+ and more

We launched Autoblog 5.0 just a few weeks ago, and now we're updating the site based on your feedback. Some are changes you can't see that will make the site perform better across all of the various operating systems, browsers and mobile devices on which it might be viewed. Below, however, are the most requested updates that you can experience right away.


The new Preferences window can be accessed by clicking the gear icon beside the search field in the top navigation bar. Preferences lets you choose to have the top news carousel expanded or hidden when the site loads, as well as choosing Blog View, Quick Scan View, Videos or Photos as your default view. It also lets you disable Lazy Loading...

Disable Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading lets the site load images as you scroll down, which means your computer won't download images you can't see. For those who don't like the experience, however, Lazy Loading can now be disabled in the Preferences window. We recommend that if you choose to view the full site on a mobile device like an iPhone, iPad or Android device, you disable Lazy Loading for a smoother experience.

Mobile users should also try or for the least bandwidth-intensive version of the site, and the Autoblog iPhone app works on both the iPhone and the iPad. And yes, we are developing an Android version of the app and a unique Autoblog iPad app.


A Google+ button has been added to our suite of sharing options.

Red Ribbons Above Titles

A reader suggested that we put the red ribbons above article titles instead of next to them, and even went to the trouble of mocking up for us what it would like. We liked it better, so we did it. I would properly thank him by name if I were able to find his original email, but a general thanks will have to do since I'm not.

Large Gallery View

The Large gallery view now displays the full quality version of native images with no downsampling, blurriness or pixelation.


There's now a sitemap page where you can see all of Autoblog's pages at a glance. There's a link to it at the very bottom of the page.

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