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Danica Patrick switching to NASCAR, keeping Indy 500

Danica Patrick is no stranger to NASCAR, but her regular ride is in the IndyCar series. That looks like it could be about to change, however, as Dale Earnhardt Jr. wants Patrick to join his JR Motorsports team as a full-time member. Running the entire 2012 Nationwide series will certainly take up the majority of her time, but it appears Danica will still be able to schedule seat time in her IndyCar racer.

The big question for Patrick is whether she can compete in the Indianapolis 500. It's a time-consuming event that would require Danica to give up most of her May, yet the Nationwide series runs three races over the course of that month. Still, it seems that Earnhardt and his team are looking to accommodate Patrick's desire to run at Indy, which would make her decision to sign on for a full NASCAR season a bit easier.

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