Is Your Car On A Thief's Target List?

Why A Honda Accord is #1 Among Thieves, and Why They Like Detroit Sheetmetal Too in the Top Ten

For the first time since 2002, six of the top ten most-stolen cars were domestic brands. Ford took three spots, Dodge took two and Chevy took one.

But the most stolen car remained a foreign brand. Car thieves continue to prefer, oddly enough, the 1994 Honda Accord. That mid-sized sedan is followed by the 1995 Honda Civic and the 1991 Toyota Camry. Honda and Toyota models have held the top three spots since 2000.

Honda Accord also topped the LoJack stolen vehicles survey, which was out in April.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau released the annual statistics based off crime data compiled by the FBI. Other stolen-car reports are based off insurance records, but the NICB says its list is more accurate. Most people with older cars don't bother to insure their vehicles for theft, so insurance data is skewed, the organization said.

Older cars are often stolen and stripped down, with thieves then selling the parts. Newer stolen cars are often simply resold intact with fake vehicle identification numbers, or shipped outside the country.

Plus, they're easier to steal: Newer technology keeps thieves at bay. Of the 52,000 Honda Accords stolen in 2010, more than 44,000 were 1990s models. Less than 6,000 were made in the 2000s. The leadership of Honda and Toyota among thefts is also a testament to the fact that those cars perhaps last longer than the Detroit vehicles that were built in the early 90s.

Overall car thefts are declining, down 7.2% since 2009. When finalized crime numbers for 2010 come out later this year, it could mark the lowest number of car thefts since 1967, NICB says.

The full list is below:

10. 1999 Ford Taurus
9. 2002 Ford Explorer
8. 1995 Acura Integra
7. 2000 Dodge Caravan
6. 2004 Dodge Ram
5. 1997 Ford F-150 pickup
4. 1999 full-sized Chevy pickups
3. 1991 Toyota Camry
2. 1995 Honda Civic
1. 1994 Honda Accord

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