Tesla designers answer Model S questions

Tesla Model S Alpha – Click above for high-res image gallery

There's a lot to like about the prototypes we've seen of Tesla's Model S sedan. It has the kind of sleek lines usually associated with a product carrying the emblem of a large cat, or maybe a stylized set of wings (hint: not Chrysler). As the sedan moves toward production, it's understandable that the design will be changed a bit to meet real world requirements of mass production, safety, and cost. So far those changes are actually resulting in a car that most think looks even nicer than the original version.

Still, potential Model S owners who remember the cosmic difference between the Chevy Volt that premiered at auto shows and the Volt that rolled off production lines can't be blamed for fears that the smooth form of the Model S might get dented by reality's ugly stick on its way to showrooms. A new blog entry over at Tesla's site featuring Q&A from Chief Designer Frank von Holzhausen and Model S Program Director Jerome Guillen can help to assuage those fears. In this post they answer questions about both the philosophy behind the sedan's "athletic" design, and dangle a few tidbits about how that design is moving toward production: the frameless windows stay as do the spiffy rear running lights, and the car will be high enough to open a door without smacking into a curb.

One point that might be important to anyone who lives in a large chunk of the United States at the moment – the Model S is supposed to pack really excellent air conditioning.

[Source: Tesla Enthusiast's Blog]

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