Ajiro bamboo tricycle is an emissions-removing three-wheeled dream

Dreamed up by Monash University industrial design student, Alexander Vittouris, the Ajiro bamboo tricycle is one of the most intriguing modes of transport we've ever seen. On looks alone, the Ajiro is impressive. But it's Vittouris' approach to design that could revolutionize the world.

You see, rather than wasting energy bending bamboo into useable shapes, Vittouris manipulates the stalks as they grow by tensioning them over a reusable structure. In this way, the bamboo grows to form the skeleton of the Ajiro and requires no mechanical molding or shaping prior to use. Though a striking example of sustainable design, the Ajiro is functional too. With pedals, a leafy roof and three wheels, this trike can go as far as your legs will take you.

The Ajiro is one of numerous finalists for the James Dyson Award – part of the Australian Design Awards.

[Source: Inhabitat, State of Green]

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