Nerf gun assault leads to man being run over by car

Drive-bys are a little different in Quincy, Massachusetts. According to local news reports, a pair of teens stopped by a Wal-Mart, purchased a set of Nerf guns and commenced driving around their neighborhood shooting at pedestrians. Drive-by Nerfing – sounds like a typical Friday night, right?

All was well until the dynamic duo fired upon a pair of resting construction workers, who gave chase in their own vehicle down a dead-end road. With the teens cornered, the workers approached the vehicle and retrieved one of the guns from inside. That's when the driver decided to make his hasty escape.

The teen cut the wheel, threw the car into reverse and promptly ran over one of the construction workers' legs before driving forward over a 10-foot retaining wall and totaling the vehicle. Police have charged the teen with a litany of charges, including assault and battery, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and driving to endanger.

In this case, the dangerous weapon was the car... not the Nerf gun.

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