Angry owner catches would-be Mercedes thief... with a forklift

Forklift operator foils Mercedes-Benz theft – Click above to watch video after the jump

Forget LoJack, your Viper alarm system and The Club, all you really need to nab would-be car thieves is a forklift. That was the preferred tool of one Norwegian man who was set on stopping a crook from pinching a Mercedes-Benz E-Class from the W210 generation. The man grabbed the Benz with his tractor-based forklift and raised the front end of the car off the ground, damaging his car in the process. Tourists caught it all on tape, and the police arrived to find the not-so-grand larcenist sitting in the driver's seat.

Click past the jump for the clip. You can click forward to the two minute mark if you want to see the fuzz arrive.

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