Is Dodge mulling a Magnum successor?

Could Dodge be ready to run with a new wagon in the future? Automotive News chatted with SRT president Ralph Gilles, an unapologetic fan of the now-defunct Magnum. Gilles revealed that one unnamed Chrysler exec, now retired, was responsible for killing off the car, and that other Magnum aficionados are now coming out of the woodwork within the company.

Gilles didn't go so far as to announce that a future Magnum has been given the green light inside the company, but told Automotive News to "stay tuned" and that "great things are coming."

Hopefully, this means another muscle wagon is in the works. Early rumors that the Magnum nameplate would be used on Dodge's big new crossover never panned out; it hit showrooms as the Durango.

Our take? Revive the Dodge Magnum! If the new Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger are any indication, it'd be excellent ride, especially when Ralph Gilles and his SRT speed freaks get around to stuffing that 392 Hemi underhood. After all, the practical hoons among us deserve some love, too.

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