Scion taking a cue from BMW, considering becoming a mobility provider?

Scion's youth focus has served it well in the last nine years, with nearly 80 percent of first-time buyers moving into a Toyota or another Scion when the time comes to trade in. But Toyota is keenly aware that the youth market is retracting, and thus, Scion could be used as an incubator for a new transportation initiative within the automaker.

What form it takes is open to speculation, but everything from unconventional body styles to car-sharing programs could be on the table. Even bikes and trikes integrated into the vehicles are under consideration.

This outside-the-box tact is something BMW is exploring with its new i Ventures initiative, experimenting with and funding new transportation programs in the United States.

How Scion might expand its offerings from a standard automaker to a mobility provider remains to be seen, but considering the brand's penchant for pushing boundaries, anything is possible.

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