You say car, we say living room

Jon Salerno: Habitat Microhome

When is a car not a car? When it has a dinette set.

Designer Jon Salerno has put together a vision of a car that snaps into a small house like a laptop inserted into a docking station. While in place, the car provides an extra room for the home. In addition to precious square feet of living room, the car's batteries are both charged by the solar panels on the roof of the tiny home, and act as the source for powering the home during those hours each day when the sun is inconveniently off-line.

Sure, as sketched this seems a bit extreme (for one thing, it's not exactly clear that this home includes a toilet), but the idea of using EVs as traveling power storage is one that's already shaping ideas about future energy policy and power grid design. Granted, the interior of a car may be a little snug to consider as an extra room, but the seats in many modern cars are darn comfy. In any case, have a look for yourself in the included image gallery.

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[Source: designboom]

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