Parlee Cycles developing Toyota Prius-inspired bicycle

For Prius Project No. 011, Toyota called on one of the most respected names in cycling, Boston-based Parlee Cycles, to craft an ultra-efficient bicycle inspired by the Prius. Taking cues from the Prius' performance, aerodynamics and drivability, Parlee Cycles concluded that an "aero road bike" was fitting.

The Prius-inspired bicycle supposedly combines the aggressive geometry of a time-trial bike with the ease of use of a road bike. Early sketches show a bold design focused on every minute detail. Of course, carbon fiber is the material of choice for lightweight road bikes and this Prius-inspired bicycle uses seamless composite throughout.

Last week, the concept bike, officially called the PXP, hit the wind tunnel to test its aerodynamic properties. All that's left now is to tweak the design, optimize some of its bits and fit the bike with its secretive drivetrain setup. Then, the PXP will be ready to attack the tarmac.

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[Source: Inhabitant, Toyota Prius Projects]

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