Lightweight, fan-powered Ventile tribrid is one far-fetched dream machine

The Ventile concept vehicle, designed by Thierry Dumaine, is a far-fetched dream machine that harnesses wind power for motivation.

The Ventile, a gas-electric-wind hybrid tribrid (?), makes use of an enormous central fan - spun by air rushing underneath the vehicle - to produce electricity required to power the concept's pair of rear-mounted electric motors. Four additional fans, which are actually part of the Ventile's unique wheels, send juice to the vehicle's on-board battery. A gasoline-fueled engine pitches in by providing additional grunt when necessary.

Thanks to its translucent body shell, inflatable seats and lightweight, rubberless wheels, the Ventile tips the scales at a scant 772 pounds. Far-fetched or not, this is one dreamy concept machine.

[Source: Yanko Design]

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