Infographic: Why the Toyota Prius is so fuel efficient

AutoMD hybrid vehicle infographic – Click above to view more

Infographics – otherwise known as those visual representations of information, data or knowledge that present info quickly, concisely and clearly – have got to be one of the greatest inventions (?) ever. Why's that? Well, because they typically present complex information so easily that we just love them, including a new one from AutoMD seen above.

This time 'round, AutoMD ripped apart the current Toyota Prius, went over its inner working with a fine-toothed comb, made sense of its complex hybrid powertrain and answered a commonly asked question: how does the Prius work?

The Toyota Prius is the most fuel-efficient, mass-produced hybrid vehicle currently available in the U.S. It's also the world's best-selling gas-electric automobile. Making sense of Prius' inner workings and, more specifically, figuring out what makes Toyota's gas-electric so darn efficient, is a task handled with ease by the infographically-inclined folks over at AutoMD. Click here to check out the whole thing.

[Source: AutoMD]

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