e-Wolf to launch electric Alpha-2 supercar

e-Wolf Alpha-2 electric supercar – Click above for high-res image gallery

Shortly after debuting its Lotus Seven-esque e1 electric at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2009, e-Wolf released images of its next model, the Alpha-2. The German automaker's Alpha-2, a Ferrari Enzo look-a-like, looks to be an impressive beast.

Powering the electric supercar is one 187-horsepower electric motor per drive wheel for a total of 374 horses and an impressive 590 lb-ft of torque. The Alpha-2 supposedly hits 60 miles per hour in a tick or two less than four seconds and tops out at a reasonable 143 miles per hour.

Energy storage is by way of a lithium-ion battery pack, but no further details have been released on the pack's stated capacity. e-Wolf claims that the Alpha-2 has a range of up to 185 miles on a full charge, so the pack is most likely around 30-40 kWh. All of that performance comes at a price. In the case of the Alpha-2, its cost of admission is €292,000 ($417,998 U.S. at the current exchange rate). e-Wolf says the Alpha-2 will officially launch this October.

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[Source: Treehugger, e-Wolf]

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