2012 Nissan Leaf Just Got Hotter

The 2012 Nissan Leaf will be shipping with a few changes -- most having to do with heat. Last winter, there were reports that the all-electric Leaf was unable to cope with freezing temperatures, consequently lowering operating range to nearly 30 miles. To make the Leaf a more competent winter driver, Nissan has installed battery-heating equipment to every Nissan Leaf battery pack, which should improve cold weather driving range. Also, Nissan added a great deal of heating equipment for passenger comfort: heated steering wheel, front and rear seats, external rear-view mirrors, and rear HVAC ducts.

In addition to the new cold weather equipment, those selecting the SL trim will no longer have to pay $770 for the rapid charging port, as it is now standard.

The 2012 Leaf still hasn't been priced, but considering the additions, don't expect any significant price drops, if any at all.

[Source: AllCarsElectric]

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