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"Kill Me Fast" Ducati collection is morbidly-named motorcycle art

  • Kristian van Hornsleth "Kill Me Fast" Ducati collection

Kristian van Hornsleth "Kill Me Fast" Ducati collection – Click above for high-res image gallery

Ask anyone with a set of functional optic nerves and they'll tell you that Ducati is responsible for crafting some of the most gorgeous two-wheeled machines on the planet. It's something that the bike manufacturer just can't seem to help. Danish artist Kristian van Hornsleth has responded to the lines of the company's 1098 and 1198 bruisers by slathering 10 of the machines in a special paint scheme. Hornsleth calls the series "Kill Me Fast," which seems darkly appropriate for bikes that can rip off the 0-60 mph dash in less than three seconds.

Hornsleth said he was drawn to the Ducs when he asked a salesman if it were dangerous to ride such a fast bike. The guy responded that you don't feel anything when you hit a wall going 320 kph. That's 198.8 mph for those of us with an aversion to the metric system. We can't say with any authority whether or not that's true, but chances are your friends and family will feel the loss long after the EMTs finish plucking your molars from the mortar.

If you like what Hornsleth has done with the bikes and can't afford a real one yourself, you can snap up a poster over on the artist's web site.

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