Bentley Mulsanne stretches out thanks to ArmorTech Motors

2011 ArmorTech Bentley Mulsanne
2011 ArmorTech Bentley Mulsanne
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The 2011 Bentley Mulsanne is officially ready for use by warlords and dictators the world over. Thanks to the work of ArmorTech Motors, the world's tyrants can safely roll over crowds of protesters and the odd land mine swaddled in the comfort of Connolly leather and a high-def entertainment system.

ArmorTech will stretch your Mulsanne a minimum of 20 inches, and refinish the interior with all the bespoke touches your heart desires, including a top-shelf entertainment system and passenger compartment divider wall. If a 20-inch stretch won't cut it, ArmorTech will be happy to stretch the big Bentley a mind-boggling 45 inches.

Armor plating is an optional extra, so if you don't expect to encounter a hail of bullets any time soon, you can opt not to have the extra poundage tacked on. In any case, with the appropriate application of funds, you can distance yourself even further from the Great Unwashed – and those who opted for the plebeian standard Mulsanne.

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