Estella Warren arrested after going berserk in Toyota Prius

Estella Warren was named Maxim magazine's "Hottest Woman" back in 2000. However, she'll likely be remembered, at least for awhile, as the former Victoria's Secret model-turned-actress that recently went berserk in a Toyota Prius.

The chaos occurred Monday just before midnight. Reports say that Warren was driving her Prius in Los Angeles when she struck not one, not two, but three parked vehicles. Warren fled the scene, but police caught up with her and attempted to place her under arrest. While being handcuffed, Warren resisted and allegedly kicked a police officer.

Ultimately, Warren was charged with DUI, resisting arrest, assault and felony escape. Her bail was set at $100,000, or about four times more than the price of a Prius. Honestly, we think of Prius drivers as responsible and feel that if one plans on going berserk, then perhaps a vehicle like the Hummer H1 would be a more fitting choice. Is that a cheap shot? Yeah, well, sorry.

[Source: TMZ, USA Today, Green Car Reports | Source Image: Tom Hiltz CC 2.0]

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