Update on Connecticut garage fire: "The Volt did not start it."

In late April, state fire marshals wrapped up their investigation of the Barkhamsted, Connecticut fires that destroyed a garage housing a 2011 Chevrolet Volt. At the time, Barkhamsted fire marshal Bill Baldwin said that the investigation into the actual cause of the fire was in the hands of General Motors and Amica.

Though we still haven't received official word on the cause of the fire, we have stumbled upon some additional details. Specifically, General Motors spokesman Rob Peterson definitively told the Hartford Courant that, "The investigation for General Motors is over. The Volt did not start the fire ."

Previously, General Motors' global electric vehicle executive, Doug Parks, told the newspaper that:

While the Volt's battery pack sustained damage, it was not extensive enough or of the type that would suggest that it caused the fire. In addition, there is clear evidence based on moderate damage to the cord set and charging system that neither component caused the fire.

It's expected that a final report – detailing the exact cause of the fire – will be issued soon.

[Source: Hartford Courant]

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