IndyCar unveils future car concepts created by Dallara

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2012 Dallara IndyCar Concepts – Click above for image gallery

In 2010, Dallara was announced as the new chassis manufacturer for the 2012 IndyCar Series. Now, two concepts have been presented; both of which use the same chassis but have different skin so as to show off what's possible as far as aerodynamic tweaking is concerned.

One version is set up for oval racing while the other is prepped to run a road course. The idea behind the two cars is to show the IndyCar teams that the 2012 Dallara chassis will allow for a lot of ingenuity and engineering. The race cars can be outfitted in a manner that works best for a specific team, yet still adheres to IndyCar rules.

While the aero stylings shown on these two concepts are simply serving as a mock-up of what might be, Dallara is still putting its concepts through all sorts of testing programs. The company wants to ensure that safety and performance come together, while it also keeps cost as low as possible without affecting the finished product.

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