Think offering select City EVs in "inventory clearance" sale for as low as $17,995*

Think City EV inventory clearance – Click above to check out the available Citys

Would you be willing to part with $36,495 to own an electric Think City? If the words sticker shock come to mind, then how does $17,995* sound? Thankfully, there are deals like this to be had.

Right now, Think is offering select City EVs in its "inventory clearance" sale for as low as $17,995*. Here's a look at how this seemingly amazing deal works out:
  • Think City MSRP: $35,495
  • Destination and delivery charges: $1,000
  • Total delivered price: $36,495
  • Federal tax credit: - $7,500
  • Estimated cost after federal credit: $28,995
  • Oregon state tax credit: - $7,000
  • Think ZEV discount: - $4,000
  • Net transaction price: $17,995
But wait, there's a caveat. In states that don't offer tax credits, Think's $4,000 ZEV discount is no longer applicable, which seems counter-intuitive to us. So, for example, Michigan buyers will be asked to dish out $28,995 (after federal tax credits) to purchase a Think City. Check out Think's "inventory clearance" sale to see if raging deals are available in your neck of the woods.

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