U.S. Senators ask Obama to stop China from stealing American EV secrets

Last September, a report in the Wall Street Journal claimed that the Chinese government intends to force foreign automakers to divulge their plug-in vehicle technology secrets in order to sell their vehicles in China. Apparently, China is looking to become a global power in the plug-in vehicle segment and might achieve that goal by utilizing technology developed by others.

Well, that doesn't sit well with Michigan's two U.S. Senators, who have both urged the Obama administration to prevent China from requiring automakers to dole out their advanced vehicle technology secrets. Democrats Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow want the U.S. Trade Representative to step in and block Chinese regulations on plug-in vehicles and other auto-related technologies. According to the Detroit News, the Senators say that the regulations could "prevent U.S. automakers from accessing the Chinese market."

On April 22nd, China's new-energy vehicles plan, which supposedly contains info on foreign automakers and the divulging of plug-in technology secrets, was submitted to the country's State Council for final approval.

[Source: Detroit News]

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