2012 Nissan Versa will spawn hatchback body style, just not quite yet

2012 Nissan Versa
2012 Nissan Versa
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When we studied the trends of hatchback and sedan sales numbers within the subcompact segment, we found that the more functional three- and five-door models tend to attract the majority of buyers. Nissan – a company whose Versa enjoys the largest share (20 percent) of this segment – stated that about two-thirds of all Versas sold in the United States are hatchbacks.

2012 Nissan TiidaSo why, then, when the 2012 Versa sedan debuted at the New York Auto Show last month, was there no five-door variant in sight? After all, the Versa's global sister, the Tiida (pictured right), debuted in funky hatchback form at the Shanghai Motor Show recently, and with the five-door model commanding the majority of sales, Nissan wouldn't be smart to kill off its more popular offering.

We spoke to David Reuter, Nissan's vice president of corporate communications, who assured us that a new version of the Versa hatchback is coming, just not quite yet.
The majority of Versa sold are the five-door. Overall, we sold 99,705 Versa in 2010, compared to our next closest competitor (Honda Fit) who sold just under 55,000 units. So, from a business standpoint, we decided to improve the sedan first.
As of this writing, it is unclear exactly when we'll see the next-generation Versa hatch. In the meantime, Reuter says that the current car will soldier on for the 2012 model year with "only normal model year to model year changes."

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