Help Popular Mechanics find the worst road in America

Popular Mechanics is searching for America's worst roads, and it needs your help. Readers from all over the U.S. are encouraged to submit photos showing just how bad their local thoroughfares are. Once the submissions have been evaluated, PM will choose its top five.

The "winning" roads will get a visit from the Popular Mechanics crew, who will analyze just how screwed-up it is with a custom data-logging device. Strapped onto a car, the analytical tool's multi-axis accelerometer will provide information to the researchers and help them determine which road is the worst of the bunch.

A few ground rules are in place, however, because certain roads have to be excluded from testing. The magazine isn't interested in private roads, or "streets" that lack paving. Editors are looking for standard roads that, over time, have gone from smooth to suspension-busting. Head over to Popular Mechanics for information on sending in your local road for consideration, if you feel it makes the cut.

[Source: Popular Mechanics | Image: Monica's Dad/Flickr via CC 2.0]

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