Hyundai quarterly profit up 46% to $1.75B

Hyundai has had a big year, and the results are showing in the form of healthy profits. According to BusinessWeek, the Korean automaker earned $1.75 billion in the first quarter, up 46 percent versus the first quarter of 2010. Overall revenue was up 21 percent to $17 billion.

Sales volume was higher as well, as the 922,000 units sold globally represented a nine percent increase. Much of that increase occurred in plants in the U.S. and China, where output climbed by 14 percent. A richer model mix also buoyed Hyundai's profits, as pricing per model rose by an impressive 14 percent in overseas markets and 2.5 percent in its Korean home market.

Hyundai's impressive quarterly performance helped rally stocks in Korea, and the automaker saw a 7.5 percent gain on the day. For the year, Hyundai's share price has risen a meteoric 44 percent.

[Source: BusinessWeek | Image: Zach Bowman/AOL]

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