21-year-old driver survives 200-foot plunge into Grand Canyon

Veering off the road is a scary event. Veering off the road that runs around the rim of the Grand Canyon is downright terrifying. Typically, a scenario that involves the terms "Grand Canyon," "automobile" and "plunge" usually end with the phrase "the fat lady has sung." For one particular 21-year-old man, that luckily doesn't seem to be the case.

Stating that he "accidentally drove over the rim," the driver and his vehicle dropped 200 feet before winding up snagged in some trees. The man climbed back to the top of the canyon's rim, flagged down help and was treated at an area hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. This leads us to believe the vehicle in question was either a Canyonero or the driver's bones are made up of a mixture of horseshoes and rabbit's feet. In any case, we're glad he made it out alive.

[Source: AZ Daily Sun | Image: kasyhap_hc/Flickr CC 2.0]

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