NASCAR racer Michael Waltrip headed to Le Mans

In NASCAR, they say that "rubbin' is racin'", or at least "they" do in Tom Cruise's vision of NASCAR. At the 24 Hours of Le Mans, rubbing could lead to serious trouble when you are approaching warp speed on the Mulsanne Straight.

Still, over the years a handful of NASCAR drivers have ventured over to the Circuit de la Sarthe to test their mettle – in fact, back in 1976, NASCAR sent entire teams and cars across the ocean to help promote the sport – and now Michael Waltrip has become the latest to catch a plane heading to Le Mans, France.

Michael Waltrip won't be driving his Toyota Camry overseas, however, as he has joined an AF Corse team that's campaigning a Ferrari F430. There's no grandstand lighting to guide Waltrip as he navigates the nearly 8.5-mile course, so we at Autoblog wish him good luck and good headlights.

[Source: Sporting News | Image: Michael Waltrip Racing]

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