Cause of garage fires involving Chevy Volt to be revealed in about a month

State fire marshals have wrapped up their investigation of the Barkhamsted, Connecticut fires that destroyed a garage housing a 2011 Chevrolet Volt. Barkhamsted fire marshal Bill Baldwin says that the investigation into the actual cause of the fire is now in the hands of General Motors and Amica (the insurer, presumably of Storm and Dee Connors' home and vehicles). Baldwin says that it may take up to a month before a final report is issued.

The Generals preliminary investigation of the fire suggests that the Volt was engulfed in flames due to its parking spot in the garage and was not the cause of the blaze. "While the Volt's battery pack sustained damage," says General Motors Global Electric Vehicle Executive Doug Parks, "it was not extensive enough or of the type that would suggest that it caused the fire."

Engineers from GM and insurance investigators spent nearly two weeks thoroughly examining the vehicles and the burnt garage, so we'd assume that the cause of the fire has already been established. However, we'll patiently wait for the release of the official report and refrain from making assumptions.

[Source: Hartford Courant]

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