Detailer tries to clean up coffee stain... with spray paint?!

There are some incredibly gifted people out there who obsess over automotive detailing. No paint swirl is too small and no interior crevice is too tight for this dedicated set. Others, however, call themselves detailers, but deliver sub-standard work when compared with the real pros. The staff at North West Auto Salon came across a particularly egregious example of shoddy detailing when a new customer pulled into their cleaning booth.

Choosing a cheaper competitor first, the customer sought to have a large coffee stain removed from his car's floor. Some quality cleaning products, detailing knowledge and elbow grease should be in order, right? Not so for this "lucky" customer. It seems a can of spray paint was the preferred cleaning tool here. We'll assume that the resulting overspray and still-visible coffee stain won't result in a good review on the detailer's Yelp page.

Head over to North West Auto Salon's website to see a few more images of this not-so-detailed detail work.

[Source: North West Auto Salon via The Car Lounge]

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