Kewet Buddy electric car used in train track protest (again), this time against nuclear energy

Back in August of 2010, the pint-sized electric Kewet Buddy, driven by Neptune Network, was blocking an 80-ton freight train carrying a toxic chemical known as Magnafloc LT37. In early April, the train-blocking Buddy was back in action again.

This time around, the pocket-sized electric was parked on the tracks in an attempt to block a rail shipment of radioactive waste. The Neptune Network's plan to halt the train was foiled when police arrived and ordered the Buddy to be moved off the tracks.

Here's the backstory: Norway's government is concerned that Britain's Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility could release radioactive contamination in the event of a catastrophic emergency. Neptune Network claims that the Sellafield plant is struggling with technical difficulties. According to a report released by the Norwegian government, if radioactive material spewed out of the Sellafield facility, some of it would almost certainly end up in Norway.

[Source: Electric A!d via Plugin Cars | Image: Neptune Network – C.C. License 2.0]

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