Report: University shuts down Formula SAE program over racy photo

According to, The University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, temporarily shut down its Formula SAE team after a female team member was photographed next to the chapter's race car, clad only in a bikini and high heels. The young lady who stripped down for the shot said she wanted to show her femininity juxtaposed with her engineering talents. The school, however, was not impressed with her racy display.

The irony, according to the team, is that the photo shoot was for an entry in a calendar contest designed to promote women. The female SAE member was hoping to use the photograph as her entry into the contest, which apparently celebrates beauty and brains.

Whatever her motives were, the university put the administrative clamp on the team, supposedly because they used the design department's studio for the photo shoot without getting permission. The suspension means the team won't be allowed to take their car to Michigan in May for the international SAE competition. Basically, the students' months of toil on their 600-cc sportbike-powered track star will be for naught.

Despite the harsh penalty, the school was quick to praise the team's efforts, and members were assured they'd still get academic credit for the work they put in. Still, for a team of aspiring automotive engineers who poured countless hours, more stress than anyone should ever live under and immeasurable passion into the build, academic credit is small consolation for missing the competition.

We'd love to show you the original image, but couldn't find the photographer to ask permission. Instead, you'll have to click here to see what all the fuss is about.

[Source: The Record, University of Waterloo | Source Image: University of Waterloo]

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