Fighter Jet Ejection Seat Test [VIDEO]

From Top Gun to James Bond, Hollywood's dramatic use of the ejector seat has been with us for decades. But, if you ask us, all the special effects in Michael Bay's edit suite can't amass the awe of the real thing. BAE Systems has released raw footage from a recent test of ejector seats to be installed on the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet. No fancy camera work or audio-editing found here (as evidenced by the rattling of the lens cap against the tripod). Just the front section of an on-rails aircraft expelling a test dummy at 600 mph.

[Source: BAE Systems via Boing Boing]

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British Team Completes 600mph Ejection Tests for F-35 Aircraft
07 Apr 2011

Samlesbury, Lancashire, UK – A British industry team led by BAE Systems has completed the final tests on the ejection or escape system for all variants of the F-35 Lightning II combat aircraft. The system has been certified as safe for flight after a series of rigorous tests. The escape system, used in emergency situations, ensures pilots can eject safely and will be fitted to all 3000+ F-35 aircraft which will be flown by armed forces across the globe.

The system has been tested to its limits, as a full scale front section of the aircraft, complete with ejection seat and mannequin was launched at speeds in excess of 600 mph down a test track. More than 30 ejection seat tests have been completed in the UK, France and the USA.
Witnessing the final test which took place at Martin Baker's facility at Chalgrove Airfield in Oxfordshire, BAE Systems' Test Manager Rick Whittaker commented "Ejecting from an aircraft like F-35 typically takes no more than three seconds from the time the ejection handle is pulled to the pilot being on a parachute. You can imagine how quickly everything happens. Incredibly, during the tests up to 900,000 measurements were recorded every second and I am pleased to say the systems performed really well."

Chris Garside, BAE Systems' Chief Engineer on the F-35 programme added: "Achieving this certification marks the culmination of several years' hard work across an integrated team and across a range of functions. It's a major achievement. The system has consistently performed as expected through a progressive series of tests. The escape system standard that underwent the final tests is now being implemented into the production aircraft."

The industry team included BAE Systems as prime sub contractor to Lockheed Martin on the F-35 programme and the Martin Baker Aircraft Company who are responsible for producing the US16E ejection seat, a derivative of the highly successful Mk 16 family of seats. Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company will provide the transparency removal system which cuts the canopy for the seat to exit and Honeywell will deliver vital Life Support systems for the pilot.

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